Isuzu Priority Service Maintenance Program

Enroll in Isuzu's Priority Service Maintenance Program and... Enhance your operating efficiency.  Better control the cost of ownership.  Gain financial predictability.  Select a fixed lease payment or finance term of your choice.  Enjoy Isuzu's nationwide maintenance system and receive approved scheduled maintenance priority service nationwide

Eligible Vehicles: All 2008 N/F-Series and newer Diesel and Gas model vehicles distributed by Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, Inc., subject to utilization and mileage guidelines after submission and approval by Isuzu.

Available Coverage: Customer should select Priority Service Maintenance Program coverage based on time and mileage based on historical and estimated utilization. Subject to credit approval, customer may be able to finance the cost of the Program in conjunction with a lease or finance contract with Isuzu Finance of America, Inc. Standard Extended Powertrain Warranty coverage is included in Priority Service Maintenance Programs with program terms that exceed the vehicle's base warranty.

Limitation of Coverage: The quantity of maintenance services is fixed based on the particular program coverage selected by the customer. Once all maintenance program services have been provided, the customer will receive no additional services under the program unless additional services are purchased.

Customer Obligations: Customer is responsible for proper vehicle operation and the timely scheduling of maintenance services with participating dealers. Customer is responsible for conducting pre-trip inspections on a regular basis as recommended. Maintenance services may only be obtained from participating dealers, but Warranty and Extended Warranty services may be conducted by any authorized dealer. In the event of a suspected component defect or failure, Customer must present the vehicle to an authorized dealer as soon as possible. Failure and/or damage caused by abuse, neglect or accidents are customer's responsibility.


Isuzu's Priority Service Maintenance Program covers the following scheduled maintenance services:

"A" Service: Every 10,000 miles (for diesel models) or 7,500 miles (for gas models): engine oil and filter replacement, fuel filter replacement, chassis, cab, powertrain and rear body inspection/lubrication, DRM Health Report check (diesel only), diagnostic check, tire rotation, top off all fluids, brake wear inspection. Air filter replacement occurs at 30,000 mile intervals.

"B" Service: Every 50,000 miles (for diesel models) or 37,500 miles (for gas models): all items included in "A" service plus valve lash adjustment (diesel only), engine coolant replacement, transmission fluid and filter replacement, torque specific chassis, steering and suspension fasteners, replace windshield wiper blades, clean air conditioning filters, inspect differential fluid level.

"C" Service: Every 100,000 miles (for diesel models) or 75,000 miles (for gas models): all items included in "A" and "B" service plus replace engine drive belts, replace radiator hoses, replace power steering fluid, replace brake system fluids, replace differential fluid, test DPF pressure balance (diesel only), replace spark plugs and ignition wires (gas only).

Brakes: Perform the selected number of brake repairs during program term. Front Brake service covers front brake pad replacement, front brake rotor machining and front brake rotor replacement. Rear Brake service covers rear brake lining replacement, rear brake drum machining and rear brake drum replacement.

Tires: Replace selected number of tires during program term.

Rental Trucks: National rental program for short-term and seasonal demand.


Financing your Priority Service Maintenance Program in conjunction with a lease or finance contract through Isuzu Finance of America, Inc. (IFAI) can help you improve cash flow and increase productivity. Rather than using "boilerplate" type agreements, IFAI lease and finance agreements can be tailored to meet your specific needs. You can choose from several lease and purchase plans, including TRAC, Fair Market Value leases and traditional financing. IFAI includes your Preventative Maintenance Program in your lease or finance document giving you simplified one source billing. For fast growing businesses, IFAI can establish a consolidated line of credit that provides hassle-free future vehicle additions.

Selecting Isuzu's Priority Service Maintenance Program from Isuzu and then financing it through IFAI is a cost-effective alternative to signing a traditional maintenance lease with inflated Schedule "A" costs and reduced depreciation levels. Your capitalized cost will be the actual vehicle cost, including accessories, taxes, license and vehicle set-up charges. This could allow you to upgrade to a larger truck in order to handle expanding business needs. Or you could reduce fleet size, if necessary, without a huge prepayment penalty.

To further drive efficiency up and costs down, N/F-Series vehicle specifications are based on the durable Isuzu product line. You get consistently proven trucks, powertrains and components that are carefully designed to meet the demands of your application. All 2008 and newer Isuzu products are equipped with an Engine Protection System, Data Recording Module (diesel models only) and D.O.T. kits to deliver maximum protection and uptime. In addition, Isuzu and IFAI will work with most local and nationwide specialty vehicle manufacturers to enable your trucks to be unfitted with superior bodies, lift gates, refrigeration units and accessories that traditional maintenance lease companies normally will not provide.


Isuzu's Priority Service Maintenance Program will be matched with Extended Warranty coverage to give you extra peace of mind. The warranty period on diesel trucks can be extended up to 5 years/250,000 miles, and the warranty period on gas trucks can be extended up to 150,000 miles. To determine which warranty period is right for you, we'll conduct a comprehensive survey to analyze your previous vehicle experiences, expected utilization, operating conditions, geographic area and drivers.

Yokohama nationwide commercial tire repair and replacement program. Brake replacement options based on time and mileage. Nationwide discounted truck rental or replacement program

  • Driver familiarization and training
  • Driver safety meetings and awards
  • TruckSkin side panels and other special truck advertising
  • Graphic design for customized decals, lettering and vehicle painting
  • Vehicle detailing services and graffiti removal

Leasing a vehicle may allow your business to fully expense its lease payments and may provide your business with other valuable tax deductions. Purchasing a vehicle may offer tax benefits under IRC Section 179. Please check with your tax advisor or accountant for details.

The number of scheduled maintenance services provided under the Program is fixed based on the particular Program coverage that you select. Once all maintenance and optional services have been provided, you will not be eligible for additional maintenance services under the Program unless additional services are purchased. Program services must be performed by an authorized Priority Service Maintenance Program dealer. The Program does not cover all parts and services. See an Enrollment Form for details.